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2007-07-19 20:32:52 by Y-Disciple

Well, since NG has given us a news-post-option-thingamajigger, I might as well use it. Dunno if anyone really cares/pays attention to ol' YD. Well, for those who may check this profile, I'll give you an update on the progress of my next movies, and to let everyone know that I'm NOT dead.

Guilty Gear: Another Freakin Spoof is coming along kinda badly for a number of reasons:
1. I feel the humor is a little dry compared to the last few movies.
2. It's taking longer than any of the other movies have. After five months I haven't even gotten to the very end of the movie yet.
3. I'm not enjoying making it. I have to resize every sprite, so it gets quite tedious after a while, so I'd rather be using MK or SF sprites instead. Basically, I doubt I'll want to make a GG: AFS 2.
4. I've only gotten voiceovers from one out of about six or so people, including myself. Heck, I haven't even bothered to do my own voiceovers yet!

Either way, I really hope people enjoy it regardless. I've added a few more "features" to this one, like an actual intro/theme song for example. Hopefully it'll be out next month, since I'm getting back into it. Don't want anyone to wait more than six months for a movie from me.

Also, Metal Gear Solid: AFS is coming out after Guilty Gear: AFS. Yeah, I'm taking a break from sprite flashes after this one. After that I plan on making Mortal Kombat: AFS 4 and most likely MGS: AFS 2.


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2007-09-08 22:23:59



2007-10-08 20:30:42

w00t men can't wait


2007-11-29 02:06:58

I Can't wait until Mortal Kombat:AFS 4 Comes out.


2008-01-16 13:12:28

cool that u make mk:afs 4 please make it really


2008-03-04 18:19:28

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2011-01-23 13:09:02

i love it! & i see you are a yoshimitsu fan as well! =D


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