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Entry #2

Metal Gear Solid: Another Freakin Skit

2008-09-09 12:51:58 by Y-Disciple

Check it yo. Me at Connecticon last month. Shoulda posted it sooner, but whatever. Won the award for Best Use of Recyclable Material. Eat that, beeyotch. Pvn0

As for Flash, I'm taking it easy now. MGS: AFS will probably not be out by the end of the year unfortunately.



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2008-09-13 02:08:42

it fucking rules!


2008-12-31 16:01:06

that was funny mortal kombat AFS 3 step right up hit the bell win a prize i suck at rimying


2009-06-14 22:55:48

when are you going to do another one?